Wenwen Ni

Assistant Professor

Wenwen Ni
Wenwen Ni
Areas of Interest
Social Psychology, Intergroup Relations, Social Class

PhD in Social Psychology, UCLA

BS in Psychology, University of Washington

BA in Mass Communications, UC Berkeley

BS in Business Administration, UC Berkeley


Dr. H. Wenwen Ni received her PhD in Social Psychology, with a minor in Quantitative Psychology, from the University of California, Los Angeles in 2019. Before arriving at Sonoma State, she spent a year as a Visiting Professor at Palo Alto University. She has undergraduate degrees in Business Administration and Mass Communications from the University of California, Berkeley, as well as a post-baccalaureate degree in Psychology from the University of Washington. Her research examines the experiences of underrepresented groups, including women in leadership roles and college students from low-socioeconomic status backgrounds. She focuses on how social and environmental cues can affect feelings of belonging and identity fit, particularly when members of underrepresented groups are interacting with majority group members.

Selected Publications & Presentations

Ni, H.W. Goodale, B.M. & Huo, Y.J. (2020). How the Rich Get Richer: Affluence Cues at Universities Increase the Social Class Achievement Gap. Social Psychology of Education, 23, 125-141.

Ni, H.W. & Huo, Y.J. (2018). Same‐gender supervisors protect women's leadership aspirations after negative performance feedback. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 48, 437-447.