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Dr. Jessica Hobson is Clinical Director of the Family Guidance and Therapy Center, Petaluma. She is a licensed clinical psychologist (CA PSY28015) and Lecturer in the Psychology Department at Sonoma State University (2013 – present). She was previously employed in London as a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Child Health, University College London (2002 – 2013).

Dr. Hobson received her Ph.D. in child clinical psychology from the University of Miami (1996 – 2001), completed her predoctoral internship at Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic (2000 – 2001), and did her postdoctoral clinical training at the Neuropsychology Center of Louisiana (2001 – 2002).

Her clinical specialties include assessment, diagnosis, consultation, and therapy for autism spectrum disorders (ASDs). Areas of clinical and research expertise include parent-child interaction, joint attention, social communication, sensory processing, emotion regulation, neurodiversity, and twice-exceptionality. She uses mindfulness and relationship-based approaches to intervention. She has published academic papers on diverse topics in ASD including comorbid psychiatric symptoms, sensory processing differences, social anxiety, and neurocognitive profiles.

Selected Publications & Presentations

Larkin, F., Hobson, J. A., Hobson, R. P., & Tolmie, A. (2017). Collaborative competence in dialogue: Pragmatic language impairment as a window onto the psychopathology of autism. Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders, 43-44, 27 – 39.

Hobson, J.A., Tarver, L., Beurkens, N., & Hobson, R. P. (2015). The Relation Between Severity of Autism and Caregiver-Child Interaction: A Study in the Context of Relationship Development Intervention. Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, 16, 45 – 56.

Hobson, J.A., Hobson, R.P., Cheung, Y.,& Caló S. (2015). Symbolizing as interpersonally grounded shifts in meaning: Social play in children with and without autism. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 20, 42 – 52.

Larkin, F., Geurin, S., Hobson, JA, & Gutstein, S. (2015). The Relationship Development Assessment - Research Version: Preliminary validation of a clinical tool and coding schemes to measure parent-child interaction in autism. Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 20, 239 – 260.

DuBois, J., Hobson, R.P, & Hobson, J.A. (2014). Dialogic resonance in autism. Cognitive Linguistics, 25, 411 – 441.

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14 publications from 2001 – 2009