Peter Behel


Peter Behel
Peter Behel


Schulz Information Center, 2050

Office Hours

16:00-17:00 Dr. Behel's Zoom Link or in-person in Ives 45
Areas of Interest
Psychophysiology, Humanistic Psychology, Transpersonal Psychology, Jungian Psychology, Myths, Dreams and Symbols, Health Psychology, Somatic Psychology, Psychology of Addiction

MA degree Psychology


An original graduate of Sonoma State University's Psychology Department, I have retained an active clinical biofeedback practice as a provider for Kaiser Permanente specializing in chronic pain, chronic inflammation, chronic disease and migraine.

Selected Publications & Presentations

Applications in Chronic Pain Management, Dec. 3, 2020 Panel Presentation for the Academy of Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback

Incorporating Neurocircuitry in Relapse Prevention (article) for the Open Access Journal of Addiction and Psychology August 7, 2020

Stress Reduction via Biofeedback (interview), Sonoma Medicine (2018); 69(4): 9-10.